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Colin Campbell
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What’s Your Secret Weapon?

It’s a common scenario: Your design team has a deadline and all your resources are focused on that goal. But your team is losing precious time on repetitive tasks. You think to yourself, “Someday we’ll take the time to streamline those bottlenecks.” But “someday” never comes…

I’m Colin Campbell, and I started CnJ Multimedia in 2007 as a part-time job. Over the past 15+ years, I’ve split most of my career between being a full-time mechanical engineer, a product design manager for a large corporation, and a consultant in a small business. During all those years, my ability to develop innovative tools has been a valuable asset to both my clients and associates. I believe I can bring value to you too. (Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.com)

“You’re my secret weapon.”
– Paul Nemit, Johnson Controls
By coming along-side your team as a consultant, I can work with you to create tools to eliminate those time-wasting bottlenecks. And I’m there only as long as you need me.  I have experience in mechatronics, mid- and high-level programming, industrial machinery design, construction equipment, and general mechanical design. Your engineering team knows your products the best; but I can help you design them more efficiently, and communicate them more effectively.

In short, I can be your “Secret Weapon.”
"Colin is an amazingly balanced individual. He has a big picture view of marketing and engineering, as well as a fantastic eye for details.”
– Paul Moore

These capabilities are my specialty…

“Colin is one of the most creative engineers that I have had the privilege to support. He always had an innovative approach to design... He is very easy to work with and makes you feel relaxed in sharing your ideas.” – Andrew Farbstein

What CnJ Multimedia is not:

My integrity in business and my effectiveness in producing a return on investment are demonstrated by my repeat customers. Some of my past/present engineering clients include Atlas-Copco Secoroc, York/Johnson Controls, and WORD Rock Drills.

All the images below are samples of software tools I created for my clients to help them accomplish their goals. My goal is to create tools that improve my clients’ bottom-line and have a long life-cycle because they are easy to learn and use.

This client wanted to take their product's performance algorithms and make an easy-to-understand interface while protecting their intellectual property. I wrote a standalone "black box" program containing the client's secured algorithms, and a visually clear Excel spreadsheet interface which communicated with the "black box." In addition, I created a 2-hour how-to training video with chapter markers and a clean voice-over explanation.

This client needed to process hundreds of thousands of purchase transactions from various sources (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc.), consolidate them by song tracks, then calculate royalties to every party involved in the production of each song (musician, writer, singer, etc). It cut numerous hours off of their quarterly payout preparation.


This client needed an easy-to-understand spreadsheet that calculated the press fit forces between cylinders of dissimilar metals.

This client wanted a tool to rapidly develop new refrigeration systems. The program utilized the NIST refrigeration properties library, included "tweaking parameters" to better match empirical lab data, and had a performance curve generation tool to populate performance tables in seconds (it used to take days).

Colin Campbell, B.S.M.E.
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Complete video services I provide (see samples of my professional video work here):

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